ControlIt Update 1.1.0

The last releases contained only bugfixes and compatibility enhancements. But this update contains also some small, but very useful features. Here’s the full change-log: enable/disable timer scroll to bottom of the list when you press on the tab bar button...

ControlIt Update 1.0.3

It’s just a small update for relevant for all iPhone X users. The screenshots are now also updated for the latest iOS (the large titles and so on). Don’t forget to rate the app and feel free to leave a comment (here or in the App Store).


Since Apple supports only a few video and audio codecs, I was looking for a a/v framework for a new TVOS application. Videolan (creators behind the VLC player) providing a framework called TVVLCKit. I’m writing this article because I’ve spent a lot of time...

NFL 2017 mit DAZN?

DAZN (sprich engl.: “Da Zone”) ist ein Streaming-Anbieter der vor gut einem Jahr an den Start ging. Übertragen werden hier viele Sport-Ereignisse quer durch alle Sportarten. Dazu gehören unter anderem Fußball (Premiere League England, LaLiga Spanien, Serie...

ControlIt update to 1.0.1

The first update of the ControlIt app reached today the app store. It contains one new feature: to stream a recorded show or movie directly on the iOS device using one of the integrated streaming apps: OPlayer VLC