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ControlIt for Enigma2

ControlIt allows you to manage and control your Enigma 2 based receivers. Supported is any box, that runs the latest version of Enigma 2. This is usually used for receivers like Dreambox, GigaBlue and VU+.



  • manage and easily switch between multiple receivers
  • dark mode theme


  • list all recordings
  • start playing a recording on TV
  • stream recordings on your device using OPlayer or VLC


  • list all timers
  • enable/disable timer
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ControlIt Update 1.1.0

The last releases contained only bugfixes and compatibility enhancements. But this update contains also some small, but very useful features. Here's the full change-log: enable/disable timer scroll to bottom of the list when you press on the tab bar button enhanced...

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ControlIt Update 1.0.3

It's just a small update for relevant for all iPhone X users. The screenshots are now also updated for the latest iOS (the large titles and so on). Don't forget to rate the app and feel free to leave a comment (here or in the App Store).

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