Version 2.0: Update now!

by | 13.2.2015 | TraktIt | 0 comments

Some of you reported already the issue, that the current version of TraktIt is not longer working. This is caused by the relaunch of Trakt itself: Trakt v2.

Today the new version of TraktIt reached the App Store. Please update now and continue tracking you show progress. Some of the features are currently temporary not available (e.g. Activity Stream). Those will come back later.

Here’s the full change-log:

  • NEW: Support for iOS 8
  • NEW: Support for iPhone 6 and 6+
  • NEW: Watchlist (for shows and episodes)
  • NEW: Extended show information (description, rating, airs weekday, airs time and network)
  • NEW: Open a show, season or episode with external sites ( and IMDB)
  • NEW: Sign in with 1Password
  • NEW: Sing out
  • FIX: Seasons of a show are now correctly sorted